Major E T Fulton's home movies of army service in Middle East with the 2/1 Field Regiment AIF and in New Guinea

Accession Number F00448
Collection type Film
Measurement 64 min 13 sec
Object type Home movie
Physical description 16mm/b&w and colour (Eastman)/sound
Maker Fulton, Edward Thomas Whyte
Place made British Mandate of Palestine: Palestine, New Guinea1, North Africa: Libya, Cyrenaica, Bardia Area, Bardia
Date made 1940-1944
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Item copyright: AWM Licensed copyright

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City march 6 Division the first troops to leave Australia. This scene was taken by Dr Mack. Jerusalem the Garden of Gethsemane taken on the first leave in the Middle East. 2/ 1 field Regiment training with 18 pounders before the introduction of the 25 Pounder Field Gun. Bob Rickard, Mark Edwards. Gun maintenance 4.5 inch howitzers. NX8947 Robert Charles (Bob) Sharman, Harry Hanbridge, radio announcer ‘Skeeter’ Pearce. Mr Julius Heiman and NX3247 Edward Thomas Whyte Fulton with one of his girls from his frame shop. The Fast Hotel where they stayed on leave. Street scenes and the Wailing Wall showing Jews praying. In the filed a Lysander army co-operation aircraft flies past. Manoeuvring 18 pounder guns. Training with 18 pounders. Farmers with camels and donkeys. Arab women in the village. Farmer harvesting wheat. More training with 18 pounders. Egypt, Giza pyramids Edward Fulton on leave. Railway station showing Australian troops. Australian guard on the Suez canal. Training on 4.7 inch anti aircraft guns. These guns were later given to 2/2 Field Regiment at Port Said. A RAF Sunderland flying boat flies overhead. [Start BW]. Leave in Cairo the Gezira Races showing New Zealanders and Australians. Street scene Cairo. Railway station Ikinji Maryut before going to the Western Desert. Playing football in a desert camp. Close up of Freddy Denham. Dug in tents, cooks and stoves. 25 Pounder Field gun emplacement. January 1941 in action for the first time at Bardia. Bob Sharman. Long shot of artillery shell explosions. Edward Fulton and Jimmy Moore. Bob Sharman, Jack Green and others. Messing in the field. Bill Baxter champion axeman. Mick Ellerman. Camouflaged gun pit with scrimming. Alan Dwyer, Jack Flynn and Max ? Gun crew relaxing close ups of Charlie Lyn, Edward Fulton, NX8110 John Charles (Jack) Green, NX147 Captain Kenneth Foklard Dwyer Troop commander on left later KIA 20 April 1941 Greece. Slit trench showing how they slept at night. Gun maintenance by artificers. NX8619 William Edward (Bill) Roddis raising hand. Firing gun then Edward Fulton using ram rod. Jimmy Moore (missing in Greece – described as ‘bomb happy’) playing with dog. Edward Fulton looking through binoculars for aircraft. Long shot of explosions counter battery fire at Derna. Tobruk showing stony ground – couldn’t dig in very far. After Tobruk the order was to shave as this was felt to be good for morale. Bren Gun carrier. Major Pearce the battery commander. The 2/1 Battalion going into action at Tobruk. Firing guns. Covering guns with scrim. Field Ambulance. A priest saying mass in the field. Battery in action performing a creeping barrage. Long shot of artillery shells exploding on the horizon. Battery on the move filmed for a truck. A wrecked Italian Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 bomber. A sign warning of Thermos bombs, booby traps left by the Italians. Edward Fulton inspecting his gun. Battery on the move showing various scenes including a herd of camels. The 2/11 Battalion going forward. Under fire from enemy artillery. Italian POWs. Medical officers treating casualties. POWs and POWs messing. The grave of private N K Matheson. Under enemy fire again. Troops marching in the rain. Benghazi, Italian settlers. Going into Benghazi locals waving Union Jack flags. Band playing at a hospital at Barce. Funeral for Colonel Cumming killed in an air raid while in hospital. Embarking on a transport ship for Greece. Scenes at sea and in Greece. On the troopship the SS Costa Rica which was latter dive bombed and sunk. Jaffa Palestine. The Arab section of Tel Aviv. Jack Adler and his wive and Mr Julius Heiman and family in Tel Aviv. At the Dead Sea with the Heiman family. Mr Heiman’s daughter Gerdy, Mrs Giuseppe, Julius and Martha Heiman. On leave at Rehovot race meeting, locals and soldiers a female jockey. The funeral comrade murdered by an Arab. Gaza World War One cemetery. Frank Richardson, NX8715 Bert Stickels and NX47578 Norman Vickery at funeral. Patrols around villages after murder. Lawson with camera at the village. Frankie Murray. Edward Fulton poses with Arab family. Troops on village patrol. Ted Wood. Tommy (surname unknown) riding a donkey. Village scenes around the Gaza area. A RAF Lysander flies past. Changing the guard. NX8 Lieutenant General Morshead watching sports. A RAF Hurricane fighter flying low over the camp and then landing. A rugby football match. Training at the infantry camp at Julius, Palestine. Gas mask training. Firing 25 pounders to calibrate guns. NX9629 John (Johnny) Sachs, he was decapitated by the Japanese 5 April 1945 while serving with “Z’ Special Unit. Egypt, Johnny Sachs with his arm around an Arab. Italian POWs. Boarding a ship to be the gun crew. E.T. Fulton posing with ship’s gun. Gun in action. New Guinea and now on forward reconnaissance with coast watching patrols, ANGAU, Z Special units and also US infantry for a period of two years. Shows a US Army A24 Banshee (Army version of the SBD Dauntless) aircraft which has landed on a field surrounded by New Guinea natives. Edward Fulton had to take head of artillery Colonel Anderson to make a reconnaissance in case artillery support was needed. Colonel Anderson returning. New Guinea native ceremony and dancing. Scenes up in the highlands at a forward base from which he operated, showing natives and horses. Japanese officers arriving by training to surrender in Borneo to the 9 Division. VX133 Brigadier Selwyn Havelock Watson Porter accepting the surrender. Edward Fulton posing for the camera.

  • Video of Major E T Fulton's home movies of army service in Middle East with the 2/1 Field Regiment AIF and in New Guinea (video)