Iraqi national flag

Place Middle East: Iraq, Al Asad
Accession Number REL35805
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Flag
Physical description Cotton
Maker Unknown
Place made Iraq
Date made pre 1991
Conflict Iraq, 2003-2013

Iraqi flag consisting of three hortizontal equal chord bands. From top to bottom the colours are red, white and black. In the middle of the central white band are three hand sewn five pointed green stars of equal distance apart. Both the hoist and fly have 77 mm wide band sewn in for mounting. Some light brown staining is evident on the flag, in particular on the white band. There is no manufacturer's details sewn onto the flag.

History / Summary

This Iraqi flag was found during a Sensitive Site Exploitation of Al Asad Air Force base by the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), 4 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Commando (4RAR CDO) and the Incident Response Regiment (IRR) element on 16 May 2003. This type of Iraq flag was adopted in 1963 and was superceded by another design in 1991.