Weller, Stuart Lindsay (Signalman, b. 1945)

Place Asia: Vietnam
Accession Number PR03782
Collection type Private Record
Record type Collection
Measurement Extent: 8 cm; Wallet/s: 4
Object type Document, Letter, Souvenir
Maker Weller, Stuart Lindsay
Place made Australia
Date made 1966 -1987
Access Open
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975
Copying Provisions Copying permitted subject to physical condition

Collection relates to the Vietnam War service of 2784336 Signalman Stuart Lindsay Weller, Vietnam and Australia 1966 - 1987.

Collection contains items including letters, photographs, service records, and other ephemera related to his service with 104 Signal Squadron in Vietnam from 2 May 1967 to 30 March 1968.

Wallet 1 of 4 contains 1 folder with 33 letters written between Weller and family and friends. The letters are written between 1966 and 1968 and cover the lead up to his departure and his experiences in Vietnam. The letters detail flying out to Vietnam, the weather, difficulties sleeping, asking if there are any good looking girls his friend can write to, sandbagging, building furniture, his behavioural change, stand to, Denis John Donnelly’s death, illness, not enjoying the breakfast food, homesickness, and R&R in Singapore.

Wallet 2 of 4 contains 2 folders.
Folder 1 of 2 contains 42 items including an application for a date with a Vietnam veteran, notice of return, notice of apology to his sergeant for speaking disparagingly about the new signal centre roster, three notices of overpayment, photocopies of certificate of discharge, interim discharge certificate, leave pass, Christmas card, newspaper clippings, certificate of education, blood donor record card, vaccination certificate, call up notice, letters relating to his national service, soldiers pay book, safe conduct pass, Vietnam map and note book, envelopes and plastic pocket for envelopes, Vietnamese currency, papers relating to the application for training under the National Service Vocational Training Scheme, and rejection letter for training.
Folder 2 of 2 contains 19 items including ‘Cheap Charlie’ poem, copies of safe conduct pass and photo of Vietnam veterans at a Canberra family fun run, postcard sent to Stuart from ‘Les’, correspondence with The Age newspaper regarding acquiring a photo from the National Service Ballot which drew Weller’s name, newspaper clipping and letter regarding the National Servicemen lottery barrel being on display at the National Archives of Australia, and a certificate of appreciation to Weller for his contribution to the Vietnam War.

Wallet 3 of 4 contains 3 folders.
Folder 1 of 3 contains 8 items relating to a freedom of information request made by Stuart Weller in March 1985 for all papers relating to his national service, this includes six letters of correspondence related to his Freedom of Information request and the files provided by the Army Pay Accounts Centre.
Folder 2 of 3 contains 2 items including a letter to Weller stating his request for medical records has been fulfilled and that they are providing him with his complete service dossier, and a copy of his complete service dossier.
Folder 3 of 3 contains 3 items including two letters relating to his request for information relating to his National Service call up and the document set provided to him.

Wallet 4 of 4 contains 2 folders.
Folder 1 of 2 contains 70 photographs taken during Weller's service and after his return to Australia.
Folder 2 of 2 contains 4 items, including two Vietnam catalogues from 1986, Christmas card from 1987, and a Vietnam Veteran merchandise order form.