Personal Files Book 18, 25 May - 3 June 1918

Accession Number RCDIG0000631
Collection number 3DRL/2316
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 39
Object type Papers
Physical description 78 Image/s captured
Maker Monash, John
Place made France
Date made 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
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File of papers relating to the First World War service of Lieutenant General Sir John Monash, Australian Corps. This file, originally part of Book 18, covers 25 May 1918 to 3 June 1918 and includes documents relating to Monash's ascension to comand of the Australian Corps and the make up of the Corps. It includes a confirmation of Monash's promotion, a copy of his speech to the 3rd Australian Division upon leaving and a congratulatory letter from Brigadier General Cannan, in which he attributes his success to Monash's teaching. Additionally, the papers contain a story from 'Le Matin' on the retaking of Ville-sur-Ancre and a letter from Monash to Prime Minister Billy Hughes refuting the stories written by Keith Murdoch and inviting the Prime Minister to visit the troops in France.
This file contains:
Letter from Sir Birdwood to 'My dear General', 25 May 1918;
Instructions on the separation of Department of D.A.G. AIF and HQ Australian Corps, 25 May 1918 [Draft];
Instructions for D.A.G and HQ separation, annotated by Monash, [date unknown] [Draft];
Programme for Race Meeting for the 3rd Australian Division Artillery, 26 May 1918;
Extract from 'Le Figaro', 10th May, 26 May 1918;
Notes for Brigadier General Gellibrand, 26 May 1918;
Timetable for 5th Australian Division Shoots Night of 26/27th May, 26 May 1918;
Times for phases relating to shoots night, [date unknown];
Letter from Brigadier General Dodds to Monash, 28 May 1918;
Extract from Le Matin titled 'The Bite of the Australians', first dated 22nd May, 28 May 1918;
Transcript of correspondence between Lieutenant Colonel Pryce-Jones and HQ 5th Army 'A', Captain Parole and HQ Australian Corps 'A', 30 May 1918;
List of names relating to 'General Birdwood's inentions re future commands', 30 May 1918;
Report on A.Q. Staff by Lieutenant Colonel Jackson, 30 May 1918;
Message from 'Major General Divisional HQ' to 'All ranks of the 3rd Australian Division', 30 May 1918 [Draft];
Special Oreder by Monash on relinquishing command of the 3rd Division, 30 May 1918 [Copy];
Letter from Lieutenant Colonel Cannan to Monash, 30 May 1918;
Note to 'G.O.C. re AIF', 31 May 1918;
Message from Monash to AQ, 31 May 1918;
Circular Memo No. 27/13, 31 May 1918;
Circular Memo No. 27/14, 31 May 1918;
Notes for Staff Conference, 31 May 1918;
Calendar showing June, July and August for 1918, the pages appear to be part of a printing process, demonstrating various stages of colour [date unknown];
Table with notes on the 3rd and 4th Divisions, June 1918;
Letter addressed to 'Mr. Hughes', June 1918 [Draft];
Satirical Poem titled 'Scotchies and Monash', by "Father-of-One", June 1918;
Nominal roll of commanders for 1st Australian Divisional Artillery, 1 June 1918;
Nominal roll of commanders for 2nd Australian Divisional Artillery, 1 June 1918;
Nominal roll of commanders for 3rd Australian Divisional Artillery, 1 June 1918;
Nominal roll of commanders for 4th Australian Divisional Artillery, 1 June 1918;
Nominal roll of commanders for 5th Australian Divisional Artillery, 1 June 1918;
Nominal roll of commanders for British Army Brigades, 1 June 1918;
Nominal roll of commanders for Australian Corps Heavy Artillery, 1 June 1918;
Document titled 'Reports on Officers for Inefficiency' by Major General Ruggles-Brise, 1 June 1918;
Notes for schedule relating to 4th Division, 2nd Division and 5th Division, 2 June 1918;
Table showing Brigade and Divisional Commanders, 2 June 1918;
Total number of Brigades, Batteries, Ration Strength, Horses and Guns for the Australian Corps, 2 June 1918;
Information on Purchases, 3 June 1918;
Letter from Sir Birdwood to Monash, 3 June 1918;
Reminder note on 'Blouses for Melbourne', 3 June 1918.