Personal Files Book 19, 4 June - 24 June 1918

Accession Number RCDIG0000632
Collection number 3DRL/2316
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 74
Object type Papers
Physical description 130 Image/s captured
Maker Monash, John
Place made Belgium, France
Date made 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
Copying Provisions Digital format and content protected by copyright.

File of papers relating to the First World War service of Lieutenant General Sir John Monash, Australian Corps. This file, originally part of Book 19, covers 4 June 1918 to 24 June 1918 and includes documents relating to Monash's ongoing assessment of the Australian Corps and plans for the Hamel Offensive, carried out on 4 July 1918. The battle plans include a proposed formation, notes on strategy, intelligence notes and a number of maps of the Hamel area. Also included are an article by Arthur O'Connor on Monash and a letter from Senator George Foster Pearce, then Minister for Defence, requesting that he be kept apprised of any issues arising in the AIF.
This file contains:
Table with notes for Staff Agenda, 4 June 1918;
Page of correspondence, 5 June 1918;
Document titled 'Advance Report on Hostile Raid Attempted Against 2nd Division', 5 June 1918;
Message from AIF Australian Corps to ADC Australian Corps, 5 June 1918;
Article from The Times titled 'Shipyard Output', 6 June 1918;
Document titled 'Australian Army Corps Composition', 6 June 1918;
Note on Staff Training, 6 June 1918;
Australian Corps Order No. 111, 6 June 1918;
Notes for Divisional Commanders Conference, 6 June 1918;
Message from Major General, General Staff, 4th Army to Australian Corps, 7 June 1918;
Message to Corps Commanders, 7 June 1918 [Draft];
Routine Orders issued by Monash, 8 June 1918;
Letter addressed to 'The Chairman, State War Council', 8 June 1918;
Table for 'Agenda for Fourth Army Machine Gun Battalion Commanders' Conference', 9 June 1918;
Agenda for Machine Gun Battalion Commanders' Conference, 9 June 1918;
Programme for the Band of the 8th Infantry Brigade, 9 June 1918;
Machine Gun Battalion Command and Organisation, [date unknown];
Programme for the 15th Australian Brigade Sports Meeting, 10 June 1918;
Administrative Instructions No. 205 - Policy as Regards Claims, 10 June 1918;
Letter from Monash, 10 June 1918 [Draft];
Letter from Monash, 10 June 1918 [Copy]
Programme relating to the "ANZAC Coves", 11 June 1918;
Message from Australian Corps to 2nd Australian Division, 11 June 1918;
Message from Australian Corps to General Birdwood, 11 June 1918;
Message to Corps Gas Officer, 11 June 1918;
Routine Orders issued by Monash, 11 June 1918;
Table, handwritten by Monash, of 'Officers Joined and Gone during week ending 8th June', 13 June 1918;
Document titled 'Staff Trained, AIF', 14 June 1918 [Copy];
List of Corps and their Commanders, 14 June 1918;
Reference Paper, 14 June 1918 [Draft];
Letter from Athol Lewis to 'Dear Aubrey', 14 June 1918;
Instructions on horses by Athol Lewis, 14 June 1918;
Agenda for Conference with 9th and 11th Brigades, 15 June 1918;
Schedule for Inspection of Army Line by the G.O.C, 15 June 1918;
NZ Division Horse Show Catalogue, 16 June 1918;
Band Programme for 20th Battalion Australian Infantry Band, 16 June 1918;
Article by Arthur O'Connor titled 'Monash: The New Fighting General', from the Weekly Despatch, 16 June 1918;
Profiles of wounded officers, 16 June 1918;
Message from Australian Corps to 4th Australian Division, 16 June 1918;
Notes from telephone conversation with 8th Brigade, 16 June 1918;
Telegram addressed to Lady Monash, 17 June 1918;
Notes on use of phosphorus, 17 June 1918;
Notes from Major Barry, 17 June 1918;
List of commanders for 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 17th, 19th and Grenade Corps, [date unknown];
Programme for the 3rd Australian Division 'Coo-ees', 18 June 1918;
Tables displaying extracts from lists of officers 'Joined' and 'gone', week ending 15th June, 19 June 1918;
Note on medal presentations, 19 June 1918;
List of agenda items for 'Hamel', 19 June 1918;
Note to 8th Battalion, 19 June 1918;
Timetable for 'Ciruit of Visit', 19 June 1918;
Notes on 3rd Division, 20 June 1918;
Letter from the Department of Defence to Monash. Expresses congratulations on his appointment to the Command of the Australian Army Corps. 20 June 1918.
Envelope for W.E.L. Wears, picture on front depicts 'Trans-continental Railway' at Port Augusta, 20 June 1918;
Gum leaf inscribed with "Coo ee, Coo ee", 20 June 1918;
Response to a proposed attack on the south of the Somme sent to Monash by Brigadier General Courage, 20 June 1918;
Letter addressed to Lieutenant Colonel Wynter, 21 June 1918;
Message from Monash to Major Hunn, 21 June 1918;
Message from Brigadier General White, 21 June 1918;
Proposal for Hamel Offensive, 21 June 1918;
Letter from Brigadier General, General Staff Australian Corps to G.O.C. 4th Australian Division, 21 June 1918;
Topographical map of area for Hamel offensive, displays tank operation areas, objective line and British Outpost line, 21 June 1918;
Map of La Neuville, 21 June 1918;
Message from Lieutenant Colonel Wynter to Monash, 22 June 1918;
Proposal on available infantry for the Hamel Offensive, 22 June 1918 [Draft];
Circular Memo No. 21/213, 22 June 1918;
Organisation of the Infantry Battalion, [date unknown];
Notes on 5th Brigade, 22 June 1918;
Message from Lieutenant Colonel Ross to ADC, 22 June 1918;
Letter from Monash to Sir Rawlinson, 23 June 1918;
Musical Programme for the 6th Australian Infantry Brigade, [date unknown];
Programme for the 6th Australian Infantry Brigade Aquatic Carnival, 24 June 1918;
Letter from Major Lytton to Monash, 24 June 1918;
Letter from Major General Montgomery to Monash, 24 June 1918;
List of names for Staff proposals, 24 June 1918.