Zeiss Artillery Compass : Private C V Lloyd, 14 Machinegun Company, AIF

Place Europe: France, Picardie, Somme, Bray Proyart Area, Chuignolles
Accession Number RELAWM08221
Collection type Technology
Object type Technology, Artillery, Optical equipment
Place made Germany
Date made 1914-1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Artillery compass, telescope, case and leather pouch. The compass is fitted with a male dovetail which slides into a corresponding femal dovetail slot on the upper part of the telescope body. An inscribed ring on the inside of the compass reads from 0 to 5760. The compass is inscribed on its face with 'B.R. Fussartillerie', and the logo of 'Carl Zeiss Jena'. The component parts are stamped with the number 1525. The North pointer on the compass needle is painted in royal blue, with the south pointer painted in white. A lever on the West side of the compass slides inwards to lock the compass needle. The base of the compass is inscribed with the number 4162 - possibly the gun number.

The telescope has an eyepiece mounted on the South side of the dial. It is inscribed on its upper surface with 'B.R. 4162 Fussartillerie'. A magnifier glass mounted on the telescope body reads downwards off a 5760 scale mounted on the base. A thumbscrew on the right hand side rotates the telescope while the thumbscrew on the left side of the telescope locks it in place.

The major part of the device is brass, with a gloss black painted surface. Over this has been applied a field grey paint finish with a dull sheen appearance. Much of the latter paint has abraded off, revealing the black paint below.

The device is housed within a hard black leather case. This has a removeable lid, and is fastened with a leather strap and buckle. The case is fitted with belt hoops. No maker's marks are visible, but the top of the case is marked with 'BR 4162' in barely discernable characters. A thin brown leather cover was also provided with the compass and telescope, possibly to protect in when mounted on a tripod or on the gun. This is impressed with the number 4162 (RELAWM08221.001)

History / Summary

Artillery compasss and telescope from a German gun from the Fussartillerie found by Mr Lloyd, 14th Mg Coy AIF on top of a haystack in a barn about 700 yards from a German hospital near Chuignolles just before the armistice, 1918.

This item would have either been tripod mounted, or mounted directly on the sight bracket of the gun.