Postcards collected by Lydia Joan Birdwood between 1899 and 1905

Accession Number RCDIG0000058
Collection number 3DRL/3376 8/3 Part 6
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 37
Object type Postcards
Physical description 64 Image/s captured
Maker Various
Birdwood, Lydia Joan
Place made Egypt, India
Date made 1899-1905
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
Copying Provisions Attached digital images and content are protected by copyright. They are reproduced here for research and study only by permission of the family. If you wish to use or quote from these images, you must contact the Memorial’s Research Centre via or 02 6243 4315.

This album of postcards contains 37 postcards that were collected by Lydia Joan Birdwood. Joan Birdwood was Field Marshal Lord William Birdwood’s niece. The postcards are addressed to various recipients, including members of Birdwood’s immediate and extended family, between 1899 and 1905.
The following postcards and their associated postmark date are included in this album:
Postcard depicting the Bazaar and Minaret, Recht, n.d.
Postcard titled "Sphynx et Pyramide de Cheops", n.d.
Postcard depicting the entry to the Suez Canal, n.d.
Postcard titled "Tot, nepviselet- Volkstracht aus Oberungarn", n.d.
Postcard titled "Erdelyi szaszok Volkstracht aus Siebenburgen Sachsische Bauerntracht"
P and O postcard showing an illustration of a ship, n.d.
Photographic postcard of sailors in field, n.d.
Photographic postcard of nurses in front of hospital, 6 September 1905
Postcard depicting Nelson volunteering to board a Prize, in a violent gale, 1777
Postcard depicting the death of Nelson, n.d.
Postcard titled "In the Cockpit of H. M. S. Victory", n.d.
Postcard titled "Steering a Battleship", n.d.
Postcard titled "Dinnertime", n.d.
Postcard titled "Hoisting in the Boats", n.d.
Postcard titled "Firing a 3lb. Q.-F. Gun", n.d.
Postcard titled "Working the Q.-F. guns", n.d.
Postcard titled "The Blacksmiths", n.d.
Postcard titled "Guzerath Broker", 24 March 1904
Postcard titled "Parsee Ladies at Seaside", 24 March 1904
Postcards titled "Symptoms of the "East" ye Dhobie", 24 September 1905
Postcard titled "Victoria Driver", 24 March 1904
Painted postcard of Indian elephant god, 24 March 1904
Painted postcard of Indian couple on camel, 16 July 1903
Painted postcard of woman carrying water, 30 July 1903
Painted postcard of various animals in shape of goat, n.d
Painted postcard of man on wagon, 11 March 1901
Painted postcard of man looking down sight of gun, 5 August 1901
Painted postcard of babies on eggs, 18 March 1905
Postcard titled "Greeting from India", 23 April 1903
Painted postcard of woman with umbrella, 3 June 1899
Painted postcard of two men with ball, 13 September 1902
Postcard depicting the Doge Leonardo Loredano by Bellini, 30 December 1902
Postcard titled "Where billows roll", 25 December 1902
Postcard titled "Rub a dub dub", 22 January 1903
Postcard titled "Aan de Noordzee", n.d.
Postcard titled "La Laitiere Greuze", 4 April 1903
Postcard titled "The Laughing Cavalier", 2 April 1903