[Material prepared for evidence before Dardanelles Commission] Urgent need for reinforcements and provision of canteen

Accession Number RCDIG0000105
Collection number 3DRL/3376 11/15 File 5
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 5
Object type Papers
Physical description 13 Image/s captured
Maker Birdwood, William Riddell
Date made 1915
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
Copying Provisions Digital format and content protected by copyright.

This file contains letters written by Field Marshal Lord William Birdwood to General Sir Walter Pipon Braithwaite, General Sir Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton, and General Sir John Grenfell Maxwell about the need for reinforcements and the provision of canteen stores. The letters were written between 23 June and 23 August 1915. This file was part of Item 1 on Birdwood's list of files submitted as evidence to the Dardanelles Commission. This original list can be found in 3DRL/3376 11/15 File 1.
This file contains:
B. letter to General Julian Grenfell Maxwell – reinforcements practically untrained and source of danger, 25 June 1915
C. letter to General Charles Edward Callwell regarding 1. Heavy fatigues – trenching underground and beach duty and manhandling all stores - preparations for larger force and 2. Large evacuations irrespective of wounded, 27 July 1915
D. Major General Walter Pipon Braithwaite re weak condition of men due principally to heavy fatigues, 24 July 1915
E. 2 letters to General Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton re urgent need for change of diet – only minimum number evacuated but many retained unfit for work. Includes: letter to Ian Hamilton dated 23 June 1915 and letter to Ian Hamilton dated 17 August 1915
F. letter to General Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton re allotment of canteen stores. Includes letter to Ian Hamilton, 20 August 1915 and letter to Ian Hamilton, 23 August 1915