Reports relating to the voyage of troopship HT "Norman", 1919

Accession Number AWM2016.30.87
Collection number PR89/034
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 15
Object type Papers
Physical description 86 Image/s captured
Maker Annand, Frederick William Gadsby
Place made At sea, United Kingdom
Date made 1918-1919
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Reports relating to the First World War service of Lieutenant Colonel Frederick William Gadsby Annand, 2nd Pioneer Battalion. As the commanding officer of the troopship HT “Norman” as it brought demobilised Australian soldiers home in 1919, Annand produced and/or collected various documents. These included a diary and voyage report (including instructions on the headings to be used), various drafts and appendices, embarkation returns and instructions, and other papers relating to the soldiers on board.

This file contains:
Leaflet titled "Report as to fate of Officers and Soldiers lost at sea", published by the War Office on 21 February 1918;
Form titled "Embarkation Return of Detachments" (Army Form B. 126) listing soldiers that embarked on HT "Norman" on 30 June 1919 [signed by Annand];
Form titled "Embarkation Return of Detachments" (Army Form B. 126) listing soldiers that embarked on HT "Norman" on 3 July 1919 [signed by Annand];
Envelope which contained "Appendices to SMOs Report", [July 1919];
Forms titled "Diet and Extra Sheet for Patients in Hospital, and Extra Sheet for Dining Halls, and Kitchen Sundries" (Army Form I. 1202), July 1919 [23 sheets] [contained within envelope];
List of troops reporting sick aboard HMAT "Norman", July to August 1919 [4 sheets] [contained within envelope];
Nominal Roll of men admitted to hospital aboard HMAT "Norman", July to August 1919 [contained within envelope];
List titled “Medical Stores issued by O.C. Base Medical Stores: Cape Town”, 23 July 1919 [contained within envelope];
List titled “List of missing medical stores and equipment upon which a Board of Enquiry was held upon HMAT "Norman", 19 August 1919 [contained within envelope];
Record titled “Temperature of sea and air: noon observations on bridge SS "Norman", July 1919 [annotated on rear] [contained within envelope];
Report titled “Copy of Dental Officers' Report to S.M.O. "Norman", 18 August 1919 [contained within envelope];
Form titled "Report of the Military Commanding Officer on the Disembarkation of Troops: Voyage Report" (Army Form T. 106), signed by Annand on 20 August 1919;
Report titled “C.O.'s Report: Continued: Sheet 3”, 20 August 1919;
Notepad titled “Diary of the O/C troopship "Norman", entries from 27 June to 23 August 1919;
Form titled "List of Headings for Report on by Officers Commanding Troops on Transports", [1919].