Instructions relating to the voyage of troopship HT "Norman", 1919

Accession Number AWM2016.30.88
Collection number PR89/034
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 17
Object type Papers
Physical description 94 Image/s captured
Maker Various
Place made United Kingdom
Date made 1918-1919
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
Copying Provisions Copy provided for personal non-commercial use

Instructions relating to the First World War service of Lieutenant Colonel Frederick William Gadsby Annand, 2nd Pioneer Battalion. As the commanding officer of the troopship HT “Norman” as it brought demobilised Australian soldiers home in 1919, Annand produced and/or collected various documents. These included instructions, including letters and printed instructions, for Annand and the Senior Medical Officer (SMO) regarding embarkation and medical issues.

This file contains:
Booklet titled "Special Instructions for the Guidance of Officers Commanding Troops Onboard Transports”, published 1918;
Letter from Lieutenant General John Monash, Director General of Repatriation & Demobilisation A.I.F., to "Officer Commanding Troops" on Transports to Australia, London, 26 January 1919 [copy];
Letter from [indecipherable] for Brigadier General, Director of Movements & Quartering, Department of Repatriation & Demobilisation A.I.F., to Frederick William Gadsby Annand, London, 27 June 1919;
Booklet titled "Instructions to O.C. Troops on Transports Returning to Australia", issued 28 June 1919 [contains notes and annotations];
Memorandum on "Embarkation Procedure" from [indecipherable] Brigadier General, Director of Movements & Quartering, Department of Repatriation & Demobilisation A.I.F., 28 June 1919;
Booklet titled "Standing Orders for Australian Imperial Force", published [1919] [includes annotations];
Instructions titled "Transport for Troops", [1919];
Instructions titled "Proposed Addition to S.M.O.'s Instructions for Hospital Carriers", [1919];
Form titled "Diet and Extra Sheet for Patients in Hospital, and Extra Sheet for Dining Halls, and Kitchen Sundries" (Army Form I. 1202), [issued 1919] [blank form];
Instructions titled "Instructions to Sister-in-Charge Transport", [1919];
Instructions titled "Instructions for N.C.O. in Charge of Red Cross Stores on Hospital Carrier under the S.M.O.", [1919];
Instructions titled "S.M.O. Instructions", [1919];
Form titled "Quarantine Service: Health Report for Transports other than Hospital Ships" (Form Quarantine 315), [issued 1919 but without entries];
Form titled "Quarantine Service: Health Report for Hospital Ships" (Form Quarantine 316), [issued 1919] [blank form];
Form titled "Quarantine Service: Supplementary Health Report" (Form Quarantine 317), [issued 1919] [blank form];
Forms titled "Instructions for Officers in Command of Troops of Transports Arriving at an Australian Port", (Form Quarantine 318a), [issued 1919] [blank form] [5 sheets];
Instructions titled "Re-embarkation at Intermediate Ports of A.I.F. Personnel Disembarked from Earlier Transports Suffering from Infectious Diseases", [1919].