Series 6: Leaflets

Accession Number RC00687.184
Collection type Published Collection
Record type Series
Item count 143
Object type Leaflet
Maker Various
Date made 1990-1991
Conflict Gulf War, 1990-1991

This collection of leaflets contains items such as language cards, US leaflets to the Iraqi troops and the Kurdish and Arabic civilians, a missing persons poster, instructional leaflets for service personnel and a selection of leaflets collected from peace rallies held in Canberra and New South Wales. 6/5 – 6/35 includes a group of colourful leaflets which were dropped over the trenches depicting cartoons, fake bank notes and drawings of a bomb. There are two post war action plans also included and newspapers. 6/88-143 This collection includes several colourful and black and white posters and leaflets from such organisations as Bring the Frigates Home Coalition, Network for Peace in the Middle East, and Peace Action. There are copies of petitions forms, letters addressed to the Prime Minister, Mr R Hawke, and other significant parties.

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