VzZ Naval Aerial Mine Fuze Sectioned

Place Europe: Germany, Bremen
Accession Number REL26272.003
Collection type Technology
Object type Explosive device component
Place made Germany
Date made 1941
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Sectioned aerial mine fuze VzZ 34 A made from aluminium and steel. The fuze is cylindrical in shape. The internal operating mechanism has been sectioned to reveal the internal operating mechanism. The fuze is not painted and is in natural aluminium finish. Markings - VzZ 34 A*, b1 1941 5 e.

History / Summary

Mine disposal relics collected by the late Lieutenant Commander George Gosse who was awarded the George Cross for outstanding gallantry and devotion to duty in rendering mines safe during the Second World War. The George Cross was awarded in particularly for the deactivation of three mines known as the "Oyster" type which he rendered safe under Bremen Harbour in May, 1945. If the mine fuzes hit on land they would activate the mines as bombs. If the fuze fell in water, it stopped action as a delay bomb and started arming devices to make the munition into a magnetic acoustic mine.