Shirt in DPDU fabric : Special Air Services Regiment

Accession Number REL30512.002
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Uniform
Physical description Cotton, Plastic, Velcro
Maker Unknown
Place made Australia
Date made c 2002
Conflict Afghanistan, 2001-

Long sleeved shirt in Mark I (yellow based) Disruptive Pattern Desert Uniform (DPDU) with khaki plastic buttons. The sleeves are reinforced between elbow and wrist with a second layer of fabric, and are adjustable at the cuff by a fabric tab and three buttons. The owners name has been written inside the collar in black felt pen, but this has almost disappeared. The shirt has a five button closure, all but the topmost button being concealed. There are four expanding pockets (one on each breast and one on each upper arm) closed by pairs of buttons concealed under flaps. The breast pockets are angled downwards from the shoulder. Above the right hand breast pocket is a velcro strip for the attachment of a name tape. The owner's service number is written in black felt pen inside the flap of the left hand breast pocket. Each of the sleeve pocket flaps has a velcro panel attached, with another similar sized piece attached above the pocket on the right sleeve. A small piece of black velcro tape is stitched just below the left hand shoulder strap, this being used to attach 'glint tape' for visibility to coalition aircraft at night. The shoulder straps are secured by a single button.

History / Summary

Worn by an Australian Special Air Services (SAS) Regiment trooper in Afghanistan, 2002.