South African Defence Force Pattern 83 Battle Jacket (modified) : Special Air Service Regiment

Place Asia: Afghanistan
Accession Number REL30513
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Personal Equipment
Physical description Cotton; Nylon webbing; Metal; Velcro; Brass; Plastic
Maker Unknown
Place made South Africa
Date made c 2001-2002
Conflict East Timor, 1999-2013
Afghanistan, 2001-

Modified South African Defence Force Pattern 83 Battle Jacket. Nylon webbing harness with pouches. The right front of the webbing has four pouches for grenades sewn vertically on the chest. Another pouch with a snap fastened cover is sewn next to it. On the waist is a large pocket secured by a Fastex clip. The left front has a pouch with two magazines on the chest and a further two magazine pockets at the waist. The pockets are sealed with velcro strips. A nylon cord with movable knots has been added to this panel and is used to count off ammunition. On each side of the webbing is a large pocket for water bottles. One bottle sits in an aluminium cup which fits over an aluminium stove base. These pouches are fastened with Fastex clips and straps. The top of each pouch has an opening with a velcro fastened flap. On these pockets are smaller pouches for holding magazines. The back panel of the webbing has a long pouch with a zip running around both the top and centre. The lid of this pouch has an opening covered by a velcro fastened flap. Stored in the webbing are 10 30-round magazines for an M-4 rifle and a cleaning kit. The kit consists of two small bottles of oil and cleaning fluid, a handle with different sized brushes at either end, the top of a shaving brush, a can opener, an allan key and a collapsible metal rod with a flannel pull-through. Also included is a high visibility pink sheet with cotton tapes in two corners, stamped in black ink down one side 'CGCF/ 1967'; a pair of plastic water bottles with screw caps; two wound dressings; an M8A1 bayonet with scabbard attached between the two rear pouches and a small personal decontamination kit. This kit contains band-aids, alcohol patches, paracetamol capsules, water purification tablets, a glucodin tablet, a condom and a sealed scalpel. Also included is a tea bag, stock cubes, plastic bags, tweezers, needle, small compass, cord, fishing kit, wire, hacksaw blade, flint with striker, plastic mirror, a pencil, instruction sheet, cotton swab and a Mark III Sicut knife.

History / Summary

This set of ex-South African web equipment was used by an Australian Special Air Services (SAS) Regiment trooper in Afghanistan, 2002. It has been customized to his requirements by painting and the addition of non-standard equipment. The equipment was privately purchased in Australia by the wearer.