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ID numberF01716
Collection typeFilm
Title1. 2/10th Australia Armoured Regiment field exercises. 2. Arrival of General Grant M3 medium tanks for the 1st Australian Armoured Division. 3. Anti/aircraft group Fremantle. 4. Service chiefs conference, Corps HQ WA. 5. WAAAF maintenance crews, Pearce, WA.
Measurement10 min 12 sec
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Object typeActuality footage
MakerDavidson, Frank
Place made
  • Australia: Western Australia, Fremantle
  • Australia: Western Australia, Fremantle, Buckland
  • Australia: Western Australia, Mingenew
  • Australia: Western Australia, Morowa
  • Australia: Western Australia, Perth, Pearce
Date madeFebruary 1943-March 1943
DescriptionItem 1. On 25 Feb 1943 a parade of tanks of the 2/10th Aust. Armoured (Armd) Regiment was held for DMI. Shows the General Grant and General Stuart tanks on manoeuvres after the parade. Identified personnel: VX59012 Lieutenant-Colonel R E Wade CO 2/10th Armd. Regt., Trooper P D Murtagh, Majors R M Wright, WX11077 H S Foley, WX11041 W T Leighton, WX38 J F P Burt. Location Mingenew, WA. Item 2. On 12 Feb 1943 1 Officer and 35 OR's and 6 General Grant M3 tanks of the H.Q. 1st Aust. Armd Brigade and 8 OR's and 2 M3 tanks of the 2/7th Armd Bde arrived at Morowa, WA for the 1st Aust. Armd Division. Identified personnel: WO J J Gilchrist H.Q. Sqn. 1st Aust. Armd Bde. and Private R W Langtry 2/1st Aust. Tank Transporter Coy. Item 3. AWAS playing tennis take up action stations at A/A artillery emplacement when alarm is sounded. Location Buckland Hill, WA. Item 4. Service chief's conference at Corps HQ, WA Lieutenant-General Gordon Bennett, Commodore C J Pope, Air Commodore R J Brownell, Captain A R McCann USN, Commander V E Kennedy RAN. Item 5. WAAAF at Pearce Airfield cleaning and overhauling Beaufort aircraft.

Please note: The film and sound collections of the Australian War Memorial includes items which may contain: historically or culturally sensitive images and terms, confronting depictions of the consequences of warfare, and/or, human suffering or death. This material does not reflect the viewpoint of the Memorial, but rather is representative of the social attitudes and circumstances of the period or place in which it was created and also the reality and human cost of warfare.

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