Brigadier Sir Frederick "Black Jack" Galleghan, DSO OBE ISO ED, recounts his military career [memoirs]

ID numberS01329
Collection typeSound
TitleBrigadier Sir Frederick "Black Jack" Galleghan, DSO OBE ISO ED, recounts his military career [memoirs]
Measurement10 hr 59 min
Object typeMemoir
  • Galleghan, Frederick Gallagher 'Black Jack'
  • Galleghan, Frederick Gallagher 'Black Jack'
Date made13 August 1969
Descriptorsound tape reel; Mastertape; Agfa; 1 7/8 ips/4.75 cm.s; half track mono; 5 inch
DescriptionBrigadier Sir Frederick "Black Jack" Galleghan recounts his military career: cadet at Cook's Hill High School, Newcastle; experiences in 1914-18 War in 34th Battalion; Military life between the two world wars; raising and training of the 2/30 Bn in Australia; Singapore and Malaysia; preparations to fight the Japanese; Design of the plan for the ambush, positioning of the battalion for the Battle of Gemas. Transcript is available please contact the Sound section for details

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