ID numberRCDIG1026224
TitleAWM52 Subclass 1/9 - Area Command
Collection numberAWM52 1/9
ClassificationDigitised Collection
Record typeSub-sub-series
Object typeOfficial Record
Image useCopy provided for personal non-commercial use, permission from copyright holder must be sought for commercial use
AWM52 1/9/1 - Australia Area Command Madang RCDIG1019421
AWM52 1/9/2 - 1 Australia Area Command Headquarters RCDIG1019422
AWM52 1/9/3 - Australia Area Command Milne Bay RCDIG1019423
AWM52 1/9/4 - Australia Area Command Nadzab RCDIG1019424
AWM52 1/9/5 - Area Commandant Salamaua RCDIG1019419
AWM52 1/9/6 - Torres Strait Area RCDIG1019418
AWM52 1/9/9 - Headquarters Area Command Papua and New Guinea RCDIG1019420