From a whisper to a bang - episode six credits

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From a whisper to a bang - episode six credits

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‘From A Whisper To A Bang!’ is written, produced and presented by Megan Spencer for the Australian War Memorial.



Remembrance pilgrims: 

  • Alexandra
  • Kassandra
  • Chris
  • Fiona
  • Lisa-Sondra
  • Jessica
  • Geoff
  • Deborah
  • Ron Mallyon
  • Barbara Mallyon
  • Norman Smith
  • Chris Morrison
  • Margaret Morrison
  • Caroline


  • Bob Spencer
  • Janice Coyle
  • Delma Calcagno
  • Guy Calcagno.

Other voices: 

  • Richard Cruise
  • Oliver Budack
  • Scott Bevan
  • Harry Spencer
  • Margaret Robinson
  • Raylene Robinson


Additional music:

Additional sound:


AWM Collection: 

  • Film: Sons of the Anzac (1939-1943). Accession Number: F00188

Track listing from The Digger’s Requiem:

  • ‘Requiem Aeternum/Rest Eternal’ by GF Handel, arranged Latham (Dead March from Saul for accordion, David Novak accordion)
  • ‘Lux Aeterna/In Paradisum’ by Ross Edwards (Lament for the Pipers Who Fell in the Great War by John Grant, Jordan Aikin bagpipes) and the ‘62,000 Bells’ (Chris Latham, Veronica Bailey, Thomas Laue).





Thank you:

  • The ‘From a Whisper To A Bang!’ podcast series is a commission by the Australian War Memorial. Enormous thanks to Amanda Dennett, Andy Heaney, Dr. Brendan Nelson and the historians, teams, staff and executive who supported this podcast series.
  • For Episode 06: the speakers and Stephen Toaldo, Trevor Carter & Bob from the AWM Studio; Mick Wordley; Coda-to-Coda and Tanya Auclair; the Imperial War Museums and Poppy Andrews; The Diggers Requiem artists and Chris Latham; Heath Bigg; Professor Margaret MacMillan and Judd Flogdell; “Team Pop” - Janice Coyle, Trevor Meyer, Nicky Kasnaxis and Helen White. 
  • For the series: special thanks to all of the speakers and people interviewed for this project and its many kind supporters throughout Australia and Europe; the many creatives who donated resources, and gave advice, support and encouragement; and Bob Spencer, Delma Calcagno and the extended Spencer family.


  • To those who serve - past and present - and the families and communities who support them. May we ‘remember well’.


  • The opinions expressed in this podcast series are those of individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian War Memorial.

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