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    Official War Histories

    Since its inception eighty years ago the Australian War Memorial has sponsored Australia's outstanding official war histories. Australian governments have commissioned four separate series of official war histories over this period, one for each of the major conflicts in which Australia has been involved: the two world wars and the Cold War conflicts in Korea and Southeast Asia.

    Wartime Magazine

    The official magazine of the Australian War Memorial. It is devoted to the Australian experience of war; military history; and the effects of war on society. Articles deal fully and frankly with both the distressing and the lighter sides of war. Every issue delivers the stories of courage and survival of both service personnel and civilians.

    Journal of the Australian War Memorial

    The Journal of the Australian War Memorial is an occasional publication, for the purpose of advancing the Memorial's mission of remembering and interpreting the Australian experience of war and, more generally, in order to publicise research into Australian military history.

    Summer Vacation Scholarship Scheme research papers

    Since 1985, the Australian War Memorial’s Summer Vacation Scholarship Scheme has given more than 70 young historians practical experience of working in a major historical institution. As part of their tenure, each scholar produces a research paper related to the topic they work on, be it an aspect of Australian military history, the Memorial’s collection, or developing an exhibition. Research papers produced before 2010 are in the Memorial’s Research Centre; those produced from 2010 onwards are presented online.