Campaign and service medals

Campaign and service medals recognise service rendered by members of the Australian Defence Force in prescribed warlike operations.

Entitlement to medals

Individual entitlement

Entitlement to campaign and service medals is typically recorded on the individual's personal service record. Personal service records are available from the National Archives of Australia.

If medal entitlements are not included on the individual's service record you can apply to Defence Honours and Awards for details their medal entitlements and medals that have been issued.

Replacement medals

Only the initial recipient of medals is permitted to receive replacement medals. Applications for replacement medals should be made to Defence Honours and Awards. The Replacement Medals Policy is available on the website.

If the medal recipient is deceased, replicas may be purchased from a commercial company.

Replica medals

Replica medals may be purchased from a range of sources such as coin and medal dealers, medal mounting businesses and online manufacturers of replica medals. Search the Yellow Pages under the heading "Medals &/or medal mounting" to locate businesses in your area who offer this service. A general search of the internet using the keywords "replica medals" will locate online manufacturers.

Civilian Service Medal

The Civilian Service Medal 1939-1945 is available for those who served in a civilian organisation, were required to work in arduous circumstances and were subject to military style arrangements and conditions of service.

Application forms

Available from electorate offices of federal members of parliament and senators or:

Honours and Symbols Section
Parliamentary and Government Branch
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

One National Circuit
Barton ACT 2600
Phone: 02 6271 5601 

Website: It's an Honour

More information on obtaining proof of service for the Civilian Service Medal 1939-1945 can be found on the National Archives of Australia Fact Sheet 39 (Civilian service in World War II).

Anniversary of National Service 1951 - 1972 Medal (ANSM)

The ANSM has been created to recognise the service of more than 300,000 national servicemen between 1951 and 1972. Former national servicemen can apply for the Medal using the Defence Honours and Awards Application Form. The next of kin of those who have died may also apply for the Medal.

Defence Honours and Awards will be able to establish service number, dates of service for those who served with the Army. Those who did their National Service with the RAAF and RAN will need to obtain copies of their service records from the National Archives of Australia.

National Archives of Australia
PO Box 7425
Canberra Business Centre ACT 2610

Website: Ask a question about records in the National Archives of Australia collection

Identifying recipients of medals

Registers of medals and badges issued for the First and Second World Wars are held in the Melbourne office of the National Archives of Australia (series MT1384/2). To gain access to these registers, contact the archives.