Conditions of use and guidelines for the Research Centre Reading Room

Reader registration

Readers are required to complete a registration form and agree to abide by the conditions of use.

What may be brought into the Reading Room

Please bring your research notes and pencils only. All other items should be placed in the small lockers which are provided at the entrance to the Reading Room.


Complete retrieval slips, one for each item. Items will be held for collection at the Information desk. You will be issued only one wallet of private records containing loose papers or five official records files at a time. Do not assist yourself to records if the desk is unattended. Please return items to the desk.

Handling of material

We ask that you take great care with items. Do not:

  • photocopy or photograph any archival material without the approval of Research Centre staff
  • use archival material as a support for your note-taking paper
  • use pens
  • wet your fingers to turn pages
  • remove pages or disturb the original order of the pages
  • interfere with archival material or any sealed packages contained in them
  • leave archival material unattended on your desk
  • eat or drink in the reading room
  • remove any collection item from the Reading Room

We also ask that you wash your hands before and after handling material as:

  • oils and acids are produced by your skin all the time. In order to transfer as little of these harmful substances to the original records it is necessary to wash your hands regularly when handling archives (at least every hour).
  • archival material may have been stored in a range of places. Sometimes it contains dirt, mould, animal droppings and residue from previous preservation treatments that may affect your health. Always wash your hands before eating.


In consideration for other readers, please turn off your mobile phone and refrain from conversation in the reading room.

Obtaining copies of archival material

Readers must not photocopy or photograph any archival material without approval from Research Centre staff.

Where permission to copy records in the Reading Room is given by Research Centre staff, clients may photograph items using a hand held camera from above. The use of flash or a tripod is prohibited.

Request for whole archival files to be digitised must be submitted by completing a Request for copy cost estimate form.

Copier for books and serials

Readers may photocopy books and serials only.