The Memorial's exhibitions include permanent gallery spaces covering Australia's involvement in each major conflict, and temporary exhibitions that explore other various aspects of our military history. See our Current Exhibitions page for a full list of exhibitions and galleries on display at the Memorial now. Plan your visit to the Memorial to get acquainted with the physical location of each exhibition gallery and choose a tour that suits your interests.

Our Touring Program features exhibitions travelling to both capital cities and regional areas of Australia, allowing access to our collection and knowledge to wider parts of Australia.

Memorial items are on display far beyond our Canberra walls. At any one time there are dozens of our collection items on loan to other museums, shrines, cultural institutions and organisations. See Other Exhibitions to find out where you can see Memorial collection items outside of Canberra.

Have you previously seen of the Memorial's temporary or travelling exhibitions, and would like to explore more information about the subject? See information about our past exhibitions here on the website, and start your research from there.