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Cadets at the coronation

The coronation of King George V in London in 1911 was the occasion of much military pageantry. Australia was officially represented by members of the army and navy already in England. These were enhanced by the presence of about 200 boy cadets who had made their own way there, organised by Major G W Wynne.

Although they had no official status, they were warmly accepted. They were inspected by the King at Windsor, and by the great Boer War leaders, Lord Roberts and Lord Kitchener; they attended the naval review at Spithead; took part in parades alongside regular soldiers; and they participated in competition shooting at Bisley. It was a grand adventure.

cartoon_03.jpgFrom The Bulletin 9 July 1908, pg 17. By permission of National Library of Australia.

P0629/39/02Off to see the King.
En route to England in 1911 for the coronation of King George V, the tallest and shortest cadets of the Australian Commonwealth Coronation Contingent. In recognition of their participation in the procession, the cadets received the Coronation Medal. A few years later, many of them found military service more arduous during the First World War. AWM P0629/39/02

P0629/39/31Bisley, England, June 1911. Inspection of cadets of the Australian Commonwealth Coronation Contingent by Lord Kitchener. AWMP00629.031