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Weaponry and communications

17-pounder anti-tank gun

The 17-pounder gun was the heaviest weapon used by 3 RAR in Korea. Designed during the Second World War for use against tanks, the gun was used as a general-purpose support weapon in Korea and proved particularly useful against enemy bunkers. It had a maximum range of 10,500 metres and could fire several types of ammunition, including high-explosive and armour-piercing ammunition. The 17-pounder was manned by a detachment of seven soldiers from the anti-tank platoon. This platoon was equipped with six 17-pounders.

AWM P02201.018
Two 3 RAR 17-pounder guns stand on a snow-covered plain in Korea, 1950. P02201.018

A 17-pounder anti-tank gun detachment from the anti-tank platoon of 3 RAR fires on communist bunkers. HOBJ3292

Weaponry & Communications

United Nations Forces

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