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Weaponry and communications

M4A3E8 Sherman tank

The most widely used Allied tank in the Second World War, the Sherman tank, again saw service with American armoured units in Korea. The M4A3E8 version of the Sherman had a crew of five. It was powered by a Ford eight-cylinder petrol engine and could attain a top speed (on road) of 48 kilometres per hour. Armed with a 76 mm gun, the Sherman was outclassed by North Korea's T-34/85 tanks. After several large tank battles in July and August 1950, the American armoured units' most common task was the support of infantry operations. It was in this role that American Sherman crews came into contact with Australian troops, as they did in the battle of Kapyong, April 1951.

Tank crews had to watch as carefully as infantry for land mines.

AWM 146951
At Pakchon, a 3-inch mortar crew of 3 RAR go into action; an M4A3E8 Sherman tank waits in support in the background. 146951

AWM P02201.126
November, 1950. A Chinese TM46 anti-tank mine lies on stony ground in the countryside. P02201.126

Weaponry & Communications

United Nations Forces

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