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Weaponry and communications


Good communications with supporting units, such as aircraft, tanks and artillery is vital to successful military operations. In Korea, Australians used a variety of communications equipment from small, short-range "walkie-talkie" radios, to large, heavy and powerful stationary radio sets. In defensive positions and during battle, more basic field telephones connected by cable were used to maintain contact. In Australian battalions, the maintenance and use of communications equipment was the responsibility of the signals platoon.

AWM 148884
An Australian soldier of 3 RAR uses a "walkie-talkie" to contact Battalion Headquarters in the Pakchon area. 148884

Private Bob Fallon, wearing an armoured vest, works on a communication set in preparation for a night patrol, July 1953. HOBJ4377

JK0397Iwakuni Airbase, Japan.
Sergeant Bill Vernon checks a radio communication set from one of 77 Squadron's
Meteor jets. JK0397

Weaponry & Communications

United Nations Forces

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