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Weaponry and communications

M-1951 armoured vest

The Korean War saw the first use of modern armoured, or ballistic, vests. Designed by the US Marine Corps, these vests contained plates of bonded fibreglass armour. Capable of stopping pistol bullets but not rifle or machine-gun bullets, the vests were intended to protect the wearer from grenade and shell fragments. The vest was also able to stop bayonet thrusts. The Australian battalions received limited quantities of armoured vests late in the war and used them to outfit the patrols and raiding parties that ventured out into
no man's land.

AWM 157590
Private C. J Randall, 2 RAR, wears an armoured vest as he leaves on patrol, 1953. 157590

An Australian raiding party wearing armoured vests. Left to right: Private D. M. Jock, Lance Corporal G. C. "Toby" Ralstone, Private N. A. "Bluey" Bonell and Private Cecil Raymond-Blanch. HOBJ3486

Weaponry & Communications

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