Supported Browsers and Devices

These are the browsers and devices that are supported by the 360 degree On Closer Inspection experiences, including known quirks and bugs for each.

You can run the On Closer Inspection experiences on modern PCs, Macs, tablets and phones with the browsers listed below.

Please use the most recent version of your browser.
How to update your browser

Supported browser Supported versions Known bugs
Chrome Android None.
Chrome iOS None.
Chrome Windows, macOS None.
Edge Windows 10 None.
Firefox Standard Firefox may perform slightly slower than other supported browsers.
Safari iOS None.
Safari macOS None.

Note: No versions of Internet Explorer are supported because they do not include required features for this experience

Device Known bugs
iPad/iPhone Background sound is not currently available, though video sound is still available.
Phones/tablets Full-screen experience may not display correctly after changing the orientation of your device from landscape to portrait. For now this can be corrected by exiting and re-entering the full-screen mode. 

If you find any issues not previously stated please send an email to providing the browser and/or device with your issue.