Australia in the Great War is the Memorial’s permanent exhibition on display in the First World War Galleries.

The Ascot Lifeboat is featured prominently at the gallery entrance

The exhibition presents the story of Australia in the First World War chronologically, covering all major theatres of operations: Gallipoli; the Western Front; Sinai and Palestine; and the war at sea. The events taking place on the home front and the immediate and enduring legacy of the war are also included.

The Memorial holds one of the world’s great collections of material related to the First World War. The First World War Galleries feature a wide variety of items from this collection, including dioramas and other works of art; uniforms; medals; technology such as artillery and firearms; photographs; film; and personal items such as letters and diaries.

Since the opening of the Memorial in 1941 the First World War Galleries have undergone several major alterations and many smaller updates. The new state-of-the-art galleries now occupy the entire west wing of the Memorial’s ground level.

The First World War Galleries are located in the Western Wing on ground level.


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A featured collection object in the gallery
An interactive display of the Gallipoli Landing
The Somme Winter diorama
The 1916-17 area of the galleries
The Semakh diorama
An audiovisual display at the end of the galleries