Australian National Korean War Memorial


The Australian National Korean War Memorial commemorates the 17,000 Australians who served under United Nations command in the Korean War.

The predominance of white and grey tones, along with use of granite and gravel recalls the harsh climate and terrain of Korea. A central walkway leads to a contemplative space. A boulder from a Korean battlefield, with words in Korean script declare “Peace” and “Independence”, is a focal point. A scroll recognises the 21 countries that committed units to United Nations Command. Both sides of the memorial contain figures representing the Australian sailors, soldiers and airmen who served in Korea, while battlefield boulders set in a field of stainless steel poles symbolise those who died. An obelisk commemorates those who died with no known grave. The inscription, taken from the United Nations Memorial Cemetery, Pusan, is a poignant link with the Australians who are buried there.

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