Wartime is a must-read for anyone with an interest in military history. Now in its 24th year, the magazine features articles by internationally-renowned historians that place the Australian experience of war in a global context. 

Explore some of the articles published in Wartime relating to the Korean War.

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Hard Road to Pakchon

Wartime Issue 72

In their first duty, the Australians of 3RAR proved their mettle alongside their British comrades.

By Michael Kelly


Sea Furies & Fireflies

Wartime Issue 86

HMAS Sydney's air group went to war in 1951, developing Australian naval aviation to combat capability in just four years.

By Karl James


Mustangs, Meteors and MIGs

Wartime Issue 86

No 77 Squadron RAAF in Korea

By Danielle Cassar


Korean War Cover

Wartime Issue Spring 2015


Collection Insights

Wartime Issue 72

By Kerry Neale