Hospitality partner Trippas White Group wins ACT award

27 September 2019 by Claire Hunter

Trippis White win ACT award

The Australian War Memorial’s hospitality partner Trippas White Group is in the running for a national award for excellence after taking out the top prize for venue caterer at the 2019 ACT Savour Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence.

The Savour Australia Hostplus Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence is a nationally recognised, independently judged awards program that recognises exceptional service and culinary talent across Australia, providing recognition to restaurants and caterers that excel in their field.

Trippas White Group won the ACT award for a gala dinner which was held at the Memorial in June.

Event sales manager Shanon Hardowar said she is extremely proud of the catering team and the work that had gone into making the event a success.

“It’s fantastic,” she said.

“Our team at the Memorial is very dedicated and we love being part of the Memorial.

“The particular event that we nominated to be judged was an exceptional one; it was the biggest dinner we have executed in the Anzac Hall – 400 people – and it was a difficult menu, a grazing-style menu for 400 people, so logistically it was a very big challenge for us.

“We pushed every barrier, and every corner, and completely thought out of the box, and it worked, and that in itself is a big achievement.

“Even before winning the award, we looked back on it with a smile on our faces because it was extremely hard work, but we saw it through, and it worked out really well.

“We had received positive feedback from our guests, so we were already very proud of our team for what they had achieved on that day and winning the award amplified this feeling. When they announced it, we were thrilled!

“We love working here, we are honoured to belong to a place that has such deep meaning. To be able to sit amongst all this history; it’s extremely special.”

Trippas White Group is now in the running for the national award for excellence which will be announced in Brisbane in October.