Wedding dresses

29 October 2009 by Emma Jones

Here is the first of several blog posts about the wedding dreses being considered and conserved for our upcoming Of love and war exhibition.

Recently the Textile Conservation Laboratory retrieved from storage four wedding dresses that are proposed for the up and coming exhibition Of love and war.  Three of the dresses - originally owned Mrs Isabel Bell, Mrs Audrey Norton  and Mrs Norma. Bissaker - are relatively new to the Memorial’s collection and have not undergone any detailed conservation treatment. The fourth dress – owned by Mrs Violet Glover - has been fully conserved as it was used in an earlier exhibition . The pictures attached show what the dresses look like in their storage boxes.

 Wedding dress of Miss Isabel Margaret Platt-Hepworth


Wedding dress of  Mrs Audrey Norton


Wedding dress of Norma Bissaker


wedding dress of Mrs V B Glover 001

Once curators select these items as potential objects for display in the exhibition, textile conservators have to carefully document the condition of the wedding dresses. Part of this process is to determine if they are stable and strong enough for display on mannequins for this exhibition. Special consideration is given to the materials when assessing if they are able to be displayed not only at the Memorial, but also at the venues around Australia they will travel to in 2010 and 2011.