Journal of the Australian War Memorial - Abbreviations

AAMWS Australian Army Medical Womens Service
AANS Australian Army Nursing Service
AATTV Australian Army Training Team Vietnam
ADF Australian Defence Force
AIF Australian Imperial Force
AMF Australian Military Forces
ANU Australian National University
ARVN Army of the Republic of Vietnam
AWAS Australian Womens Army Service
AWLA Australian Womens Land Army
AWM Australian War Memorial
AWRS Australian War Records Section
CO Commanding Officer
EATS Empire Air Training Scheme
JAWM Journal of the Australian War Memorial
MHIS Military History Information Section
NCO Non-commissioned Officer
OCTU Officer Cadets Training Unit
POW Prisoner of War
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAF Royal Air Force
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RAR Royal Australian Regiment
RMC Royal Military College (Duntroon)
RSL Returned Servicemens League
SAS Special Air Service
SEATO South East Asia Treaty Organisation
UN United Nations
VAD Voluntary Aid Detachment
VC Victoria Cross
WAAAF Womens Auxiliary Australian Air Force
WRAN Womens Royal Australian Navy Service