Journal of the Australian War Memorial - Issue 28 


Journal of the Australian War Memorial

Issue 28 - April 1996



The life experience of partners of ex- POWs of the Japanese
Betty Peters

War affects all members of society. Historically, the major emphasis has been on the experiences of those engaged in active warfare. This study explores the life experience of eleven wives or widows of POWs of the Japanese.

The war art of Colin Colahan
Garry Kinnane

Australian artist Colin Colahan worked as an official war artist from 1942 to 1945; the Australian War Memorial now holds over 90 of his works. Colahans war art was painted in Britain and, after the Normandy landing, in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Gary Kinnane traces how his wartime experience changed Colahan as an artist and as a person.

Beyond the metaphor: football and war, 1914-1918
Dale James Blair

'The irony of wartime football lay in the mock tragedy of the game against the genuine tragedy of war.' War and sport have often been used as metaphors for each other, but in time of war football could be seen on the one hand as a frivolous distraction from the real business of fighting and on the other as a necessary diversion from the pressures of the front. Dale Blair examines these issues in the context of Australian Rules football.

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