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New acquisitions, Official records

306829A With the Korean coastline in the background, Commander Warwick Seymour Bracegirdle relaxes on the bridge of HMAS Bataan during his inspection of Commonwealth Naval Units in Korean waters.

This will be the first in a regular program of blog posts letting people know of recent acquisitions in the Research Centre's Official Records Collection. We hope to provide a few more updates over the next few weeks, before settling into a quarterly routine.

The gentleman pictured above is Commander Warwick Seymour Bracegirdle, DSC (Two Bars) of the Royal Australian Navy. Recently we acquired a small collection of his official papers comprising fourteen items, mostly relating to his service on HMAS Shropshire during the Second World War and HMAS Bataan during the Korean War.

Warwick Seymour Bracegirdle (1911-1993) was one of Australia's most highly decorated sailors, winning the Distinguished Service Cross a rare three times, twice during the Second World War, and again in the Korean War. He was the son of another famous Australian Naval man, Leighton Seymour Bracegirdle. A short biographical piece on Warwick Bracegirdle is available on the Memorial's site here.

Each of the items in this series is described on the RecordSearch database, and some have additional item notes providing more detail. To find out more about these records, see Series AWM346.


Bob Meade

Thank you for drawing these additions to our attention. I am having some difficulty extracting these precise fourteen items via your RecordSearch database. Could you please give me a search tip that will yield just these items?

Judith Young

Bob: If you follow the link above for Series AWM346, you'll see a button labelled "Find items in this series." Clicking this will bring up a listing of the fourteen items in AWM346.