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Collection, Conservation, Lockheed Hudson Mk IV bomber A16-105

One of the first steps in the conversion of the Hudson from its post war airline and geo-survey role to its original military configuration, was the removal of all the post war modifications.  The first two photos below are taken inside the cabin of the Royal New Zealand Air Force's Hudson on Display in the RNZAF Museum in Christchurch, and they give an idea of what the inside of the cabin should look like .

RNZAF Hudson cabin Forward
RNZAF Hudson cabin Aft
In comparison, the next two photos show the interior of the Memorial's Hudson before work commenced.
AWM Hudson Cabin Forward
AWM Hudson Cabin Aft
The final photos show the cabin after removal of the cabin liner and sound deadener.  We were excited to find the WWII era paint, and decals for the camera heater and Aldis lamp still present.  The black 'splotches' are the remnants of the adhesive used for the sound deadener, and testing is currently in progress to establish the best method to remove this causing the least amount of damage to the original paint. 
AWM Hudson Cabin aft, liner removed
Original cabin decals


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Hi Re Kiama Corvette, Just wanted to advise , that although this vessel was scrapped , her mast is on a staqnding display at our Museum fourcourt and has been seen by thousands. We have had some members from the Kiama Society visit, and when they do they can hoist the Australian flag up the mast . On Anzac day , Both flags of Austrailia and New Zealand are flown on her mast Andrew Richards