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Collection, Conservation, Lockheed Hudson Mk IV bomber A16-105

The damaged rear fuselage section from Hudson A16-128, which crashed during training at Tocumwal, New South Wales,  was aquired by the AWM several years ago.  This fuselage section contains a large proportion of the structure missing from A16-105 to support the upper gun turret in the fuselage. 

A16-128 Rear Fuselage
Although badly damaged and corroded, the structure is a great reference and base for templates to reproduce the missing structure for A16-105.  Copies of the original Lockheed blueprints, and photos, will also be used as reference.
A16-128 rear fuselage structure
After detailed photography, the structure was broken down into its individual components. Once completed, treatment of original items to be reused and fabrication of the replacement items to be fitted to A16-105 could begin.
Mark Aitken disassembles the rear fuselage of A16-128