Tuesday 30 July 2013 by Stuart Baines. 2 comments
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As part of our ongoing blog with which we hope to connect with the needs and interests of teachers and students, this week we introduce the first of our What is it? objects from the Memorial’s collection. Hopefully this will get you thinking and talking, and finding ways to use it with students in the classroom.

What is it?

Made from tin, this object is 62mm long and 46 mm wide. It was recovered from the Lone Pine trench system in 1919 by official war historian Charles Bean, on his return to Gallipoli after the war. We would love to hear your thoughts. Post your ideas in the comments box. An answer will follow next week with an interesting story you might like to use in your classroom.


What is it?


Chris Foster

I'm thinking its a dog tag from a Johnny Turk??? Could have been left at Lone Pine after the fighting or even after the evacuation. I have just read Bean's book on his return to Gallolipi and thought it was fasinating. Why is it not on sale at the book shop at the AWM?

Bob Lakie

"dog tag" Turkish 77th Regiment 1st Battalion, 3rd company, Soldier number 824.