Washing bag : Chief Petty Officer S Eades, HMAS Toowoomba

Accession Number REL37709
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Heraldry
Physical description Cotton, Nylon
Maker Unknown
Date made Unknown
Conflict Iraq, 2003-2013

Nylon mesh bag with the name ' EADES' handwritten in indellible black ink on the side. A white cotton tie rope is sewn into the hem of the opening. This secures the bag so that the clothing inside will not escape during the washing process. Some small dark gray stains are on the other surfaces of the mesh.

History / Summary

This washing bag is associated with the service of Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Shayne Eades who served onboard HMAS Toowoomba during Operation Catalyst in 2007.

He was posted to HMAS Toowoomba on 24 August 2006. His category onboard this ship at the time was CPO Marine Technician where his role was to be in charge of maintaining refrigeration units, air-conditioning units, cooling water pumps for the engine rooms, galley equipment including ovens, fry pans and deep fat fryers. He was also second in command for refuelling the ship while at sea with Coalition ships.

Often referred to as a 'doby' bag, these nylon washing bags are commonly used by crew onboard Royal Australian Navy vessels. They used by the individual sailor so that they can have his or her entire washing done in one mesh bag so as to avoid accidental swapping of their uniform articles in a communal washing facility onboard the ship.