Miscellaneous letters and telegrams, 17 March - 27 August 1918

Accession Number RCDIG0000571
Collection number 3DRL/2316
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 29
Object type Papers
Physical description 51 Image/s captured
Maker Monash, John
Place made France
Date made 1914-1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
Copying Provisions Digital format and content protected by copyright.

File relating to the First World War service of Lieutenant General Sir John Monash, Australian Corps. This file consist of programs, letters and telegrams collected by Monash between 17 March 1918 and 27 August 1918.
This file contains:
Description of acts for the opera 'Manole', in French;
Programme for the opera 'Manole' on the 17 March 1918;
Message to 3rd Australian Division stating that Monash and Rosenthal had left for Paris, 24 March 1918;
Telegram sent by 3rd Australian Division in Marseilles, 19 March 1918;
Telegram sent by 3rd Australian Division in Marseilles, 21 March 1918;
Telegram from Colonel Jess in Marseilles, 22 March 1918;
Telegram from the Australian Corps in Marseilles, 23 March 1918;
Telegram from Colonel Jess in Marseilles, 24 March 1918;
Telegram, typed, from 3rd Australian Division, 'off Marseilles', 24 March 1918;
Letter from Colonel Jess to Monash. Sent from France, dated 24 March 1918;
Notes written in French concerning the coordinated actions of the French and British armies, 26 March 1918;
Note stating the name of the Concierge at the Hotel Regina, Menton, P. Van Eest, 23 March 1918;
Message from Monash to Australian Corps, 25 March 1918;
Message from Monash to 3rd Australian Division, 25 March 1918;
Letter from Major Wirck to Monash, sent from Amiens, 25 March 1918.
Table showing the Disposition of German Divisions on Western Front Since Start of Offensive, 21 March 1918;
Message from Major Wieck containing a transcript of a telephone message, 26 March 1918;
3 pages of notes from Conference with Lieutenant General Congreve, 26 March 1918;
2 pages of notes dictated by Monash to Major Pyke at Montigny, France, 26 March 1918, annotated by Monash, 2 April 1929.
Copy of address by Sir Birdwood to the Australian Imperial Force, from France. Dated 26 March 1918.
Copy of Corps Order No. 249, 26 March 1918;
Copy of Third Australian Division Instructions in Connection with the Move of the Division to the Franvillers Sector, 27 March 1918;
Message to 7th Corps concerning the Somme Battle, 27 August 1918;
Message to 11th Brigade, 27 March 1918;
Message to 9th Brigade, 27 March 1918.
Copy of message from Brigadier General Cannan to 3rd Australian Division, 26 March 1918;
Copy instructions to the Third Australian Division regarding the possibility of heavy shelling of Franvillers, issued by Captain Aubrey Moss, 28 March 1918;
2 copies of a table of Casualty Statistics for the 3rd Australian Division. Covers the battles of Messines, July 31st, Ypres on October 4th and Ypres on October 12th, 28 March 1918;
Letter from Monash to General Sir Birdwood, from Divisional HQ of the Third Australian Division, 28 March 1918.