Wooden box for US Navy spyglass : C H Carney, Merchant Navy

Place Asia: South China Sea, Gulf of Tonkin
Accession Number REL35601.002
Collection type Technology
Object type Optical equipment
Physical description Brass, Glass, Metal, Rubber, Wood
Maker Hayward Lumber & Investment Company
Place made United States of America: California, Los Angeles County
Date made 1943
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975

Wooden storage case for United States Navy QM Spyglass 16X Mark II Mod 4. The storage box when opened, forms two halves. Each side has three felt lined wooden cradles. Two of the cradles are located near the viewing end of the telescope with one being at the lower end. When the box is closed, the cradles enclose the spyglass, stopping it from moving within the box during storage and transport. The box is secured by a pair of hooks that lock into the lid and are further secured by a rotating catch.

A rectangular brass plate is located centrally on the lower half of the box with 'U.S. NAVY B.U. SHIPS / Q. M. GLASS 16X MARK II MOD 4 / SERIAL NO. 35112' followed by an 'N' surrounded by a circle and '1943 / CHEMICAL & MEG. DIVISION / HAYWARD LUMBER & INV. CO. / LOS ANGELES' written in raised detail on it.

History / Summary

Associated with the service of Cleve Hart Carney, who served with the Merchant Navy, including on operations off the coast of Vietnam during the war.