Roll of Honour of employees of the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works who enlisted for ...

Place Oceania: Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
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Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Print silver gelatin
Maker Unknown
Place made Australia: Victoria, Melbourne
Date made c 1919
Conflict Period 1910-1919
First World War, 1914-1918

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Roll of Honour of employees of the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works who enlisted for active service in the First World War. The names are arranged in order of enlistment. Killed: 716 Sergeant Harold Cuthbert Lincoln, MM; 2nd Lieutenant (Lt) Robert Harry Mervyn Eltis, MM; 1654 Private (Pte) Alexander Murray Armstrong; 3361 Pte Thomas Alfred Johnston; 2392 Pte Harry Stewart Sloss; 5742 Pte Frank William Henry Pearson (also known as Frederick William Pearson); G Reynolds; 3680 Pte Thomas Morton Addis; 2762 Pte Cecil Henning Oakes; 3029 Pte Charles Beer; 2649 Pte Charles Collingwood Guest; 3436 Lance Sergeant Frederick Joseph Nathan; 1931 Pte Robert Showers Snadden; 2812 Pte David Henry Thomas; Lt James Joseph Thomson; 825 Pte George Thomas Hancy; J Armstrong; 3483 Herbert Stanley Marshall; 2772 Pte Francis James John Travers; 4495 Pte John Robert Moloney; J. W. Ross; 4376 Pte Benjamin Bride; 4715 Cpl Thomas Jepson Gascoyne; W A H Ackerley; 25919 Driver William John Mountain; Lt Charles Hubert Ledward; 6536 Pte William Morison; 2384A Pte George Samuel Burton (Killed in action 11 April 1917); 3261 Cpl Garnet Victoria Stanhope Gaylor. Survived: F Harrison; T Connaughton; A H Evans; G A Manley; F A Mcfee; J E Grosvenor; J Latham; D Scroggins; C G Snessby; F T Sampson; T E Milner; S A Mcdonald; A B Scott; L Almond; J G T Hanby; A Kelly; S C Young; C F L Gallanan; L W Ellis; A Methven; F C S Fredrichsen; A L G Gambetta; M J Clark; A H L Reynolds; C R Hodgson; A O Reeves; C J W Briggs; J R Rimes; W T Will; W A Anderson; H F Stach; J V Mcdonald; W A Orford; E Owens; J Phillips; R F Hunter; F Murphy; V G Ward; R S Robertson; J F Pettit; A Watt; J Aked; A Byrne; J James; T M Armstrong; A Bell; J Gleeson; G W Sexton; E J Compton; D B Dwyer; C H Emery; T W Gadiner; E L Robbins; S Sampson; S R Zehnder; W T Bedford; T Carne; P Cull; A Glaum; W Logan; J Scriven; M Delaney; F Milesi; E J Cannon; G Prior; K J Devereux; S J Farmer; H R Higginson; J Torney; G A L Cathie; J E O'keefe; J A Mckay; H V Gunther; A E Sims; J Considine; A E Presswell; W J Simpson; J S Spence; H A Johnston; D Weir; D Yelland; W P Sullivan; R G Furmston; H Torney; E W Constantine; W George; V B Whittenbury; J W G Butcher; W J Snow; T Hogg; R W Jones; W A Leslie; H J R Perrett; D Mahoney; J Oldfield; E A Stuhr; J K Clemson; E H Porter; R A Davenport; T G Anquetil; E V Craven; J F Love; J Phillips; J Howieson; C W Jones; A Pope; E V C Blyth; W W H Lemasurier; B J Marshall; C F Trathan; H.Grant; W I Sewart; W J Paul; J R Andrews; R P Spillane; J G E Carew; A W P Murton; J J Giddens; A L Owens; H W Sadler; J M Sloan; J W Gambetta; R O Owens; E J Bertram E Butler; P E Fowler; G H Brown; V King; J H Goodwin; H R Hartley; F Marriott; F J Blume; C H Williams; H Benson; W J Moss; P M Keaney; T M Kidney; W H Slater; H T Stewart; P B Seyffarth; F O Cutler; T W Kane; F Mcclean; E T Naylor; J Nuttall; S J Mitchell; C G Hammond; A G Owen; H A Randall; R R Wickham; J S Neilan; A K Mccrindle; H S Trathan; C Clery; E W Johnson; G A Bett; J A Cameron; R E Goodwin; W A Gilchrist; R F Bentley; H F Roche; N G Coleman; M J Hunt; E L Fitzmaurice.