Personal Files Book 2, 23 February - 31 March 1915

Accession Number RCDIG0000579
Collection number 3DRL/2316
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 54
Object type Papers
Physical description 138 Image/s captured
Maker Monash, John
Place made Egypt: Alexandria
Date made 1915
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
Copying Provisions Digital format and content protected by copyright.

File of papers relating to the First World War service of Colonel John Monash, 4th Infantry Brigade. This file, originally part of Book 2, covers 23 February to 31 March 1915 and includes official and administrative documents relating to the arrival of Australian troops in Egypt.
This file contains:
Notes on a march conducted by the troops, 23 February 1915;
Page of notes, 24 February 1915;
Page of notes, [date unknown];
Note by Monash on the location of his last will, 25 February 1915;
Agenda for a Divisional Exercise, 26 February 1915;
Table of Proposed Firing Practices, 26 February 1915;
Circular Memo No. 19, 28 February 1915;
List of staff at the ANZAC Headquarters, 28 February 1915;
Instruction on a training exercise, [date unknown] [Draft];
Divisional Training Instruction Manual, 1 March 1915;
Letter from Monash to O.C. Australian Intermediate Base, Cairo, 1 March 1915;
Booklet on "Dealing with the Turkish Inhabitants", [c.1915];
Operation Standing Orders, [March 1915] [Draft];
Operation Standing Orders, [March 1915];
Operation Standing Orders, [March 1915] [Incomplete];
Instructions for the Co-operation of 3 Arms, referring to Artillery with Advance Guard, Artillery of Main Body and Infantry with Artillery, [date unknown];
Orders by Major General Birdwood, 2 March 1915;
Telegraph from Thos. Cook and Son, Shipping and Forwarding Agents, to Monash, 5 March 1915;
Booklet of Standing Orders, issued by Major General Birdwood, 5 March 1915;
Note with address, 6 March 1915;
Agenda and instructions for inspections of marches on the 10th and 12th of March, 8 March 1915;
Operation Order No. 11 by Monash, 9 March 1915;
Memo from Brigadier General Walker to Monash, 10 March 1915;
Notes for speech to be given to the troops on Battalion Inspections, written by Monash, 11 March 1915;
Typed notes from the Conference of the G.O.C, 11 March 1915;
Memorandum written by Lieutenant Colonel Braithwaite, 13 March 1915;
Map of Cairo, 13 March 1915;
Memorandum written by Lieutenant Colonel Braithwaite, 15 March 1915;
NZ and Australian Division Inter-Brigade Field Operations, 15 March 1915;
Scenario for Inter-Brigade Field Operations for Brown, 15 March 1915;
Field message from Headquarters, Egypt, to Light Horse Brigade, 15 March 1915;
Field Message from Headquarters, Egypt, to M.R. Brigade, 15 March 1915;
Scenario for Inter-Brigade Field Operations for White, 15 March 1915;
Umpire's notes relating to the Inter-Brigade Field Operation, 15 March 1915;
Signal from Army Headquarters to M.R. Brigade with orders for an attack on an enemy position, 15 March 1915;
Declaration form for Thos. Cook and Son, 17 March 1915;
Letter from Captain Horace Phillips to Brigade Major, 4th Infantry Brigade, containing his application for the Warrant Officer position, 17 March 1915;
Typed notes on the exercise of 10th March, 17 March 1915;
Letter from Monash to C.O. 2nd Light Horse Brigade, 19 March 1915;
Map of the Dardanelles and the Bulair Lines, published in the Egyptian Mail, 20 March 1915;
Orders from Major General A.J. Godley, 23 March 1915;
Note entitled 'Emu Feathers Case 15th to 18th', 24 March 1915;
Parade list including numbers of those on parade and a note regarding troops to be courts-martialed, 26 March 1915;
Note from Monash to Lieutenant Colonel Pope, 26 March 1915;
Letter from Monash to Lieutenant Colonel Courtney notifying of his expected absence, 26 March 1915;
Letter from Monash to Lieutenant Colonel Braithwaite, 26 March 1915;
Letter from Monash to Lieutenant Rhodes, 26 March 1915;
Notes on Fire Direction and Control, 28 March 1915;
Notes from lecture by Major Evans, 29 March 1915;
Daily agenda written on a postcard from the Melbourne YMCA, 29 March 1915;
Budget for a trip to Luxor, 30 March 1915;
Booklet of Operation Standing Orders by Monash, 30 March 1915;
Listing of machine gun sections, 31 March 1915.