Personal Files Book 12, 1 March - 29 April 1916

Accession Number RCDIG0000610
Collection number 3DRL/2316
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 59
Object type Papers
Physical description 133 Image/s captured
Maker Monash, John
Place made Egypt: North Egypt, Tel el Kebir
Date made 1916
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
Copying Provisions Digital format and content protected by copyright.

File of papers relating to the First World War service of Brigadier General John Monash, 4th Infantry Brigade. This file, originally part of Book 12, covers 1 March 1916 to 29 April 1916 and includes documents relating to troop training, specifically on machine guns and grenades, a booklet collating best practice for minor operations, a letter requesting the establishment of an officers' club at Tel-el-kebir camp, and graphs and tables relating to the strength of the 4th Brigade.
This file contains:
General Birdwood's Message to Men of the Australian and New Zealand Forces and Earl Kitchener's Message to the Troops, March 1916;
Booklet of notes on 'Minor Enterprises', containing information compiled specifically for use in undertaking small combat operations, March 1916;
Document titled 'German Methods of Trench Warfare', 1 March 1916;
Appendices 1 and 2 of 'German Methods of Trench Warfare': Printed sketches of trench lines for the 2nd Battalion, 13th Regiment, 7th Corps, and sketch of German Salient, North of Mauquissart, 1 March 1916;
Table of Brigade Establishments, 1 March 1916;
Telegram sent by Monash to Hotel Continental, Cairo reserving a bedroom, 1 March 1916;
Business card for Mohamed Ali & Brs., Indian Tailors in Cairo, [date unknown];
Note with items to be made at the tailors and their price, 1 March 1916;
Message from Brigadier General, commanding 4th Australian Infantry Brigade to HQ, Australian Provisional Formations indicating matters relating to reorganisation and training of troops, 1 March 1916;
Letter from G.S. Australian Provisional Formations to G.O.C. 4th Brigade, 2 March 1916;
Appendix 'A' for 'Notes on Programme', for Lewis Guns, 2 March 1916 [Copy];
Appendix 'A' for 'Notes on Programme', for Vickers Guns, 2 March 1916 [Copy];
Appendix 'B': 'Drill, Vickers and Maxim Guns', [date unknown];
Appendix 'C': 'Maxim or Vickers Guns: Notes on Elementary Tactical Handling', [date unknown];
Memorandum on the establishment of a Lewis Gun Section. The attached table shows personnel required, 25 February 1916;
Circular Memorandum No. 13 on the establishment of Machine Gun Companies. Contains several tables concerned with the composition, establishment and transport of these companies, 24 February 1916;
Message from Brigadier General, commanding 4th Australian Infantry Brigade to Officers of the 4th Australian Division, establishing an 'Officer's Club' for the Tel-el-Kebir camp, 2 March 1916;
Constitution for a 4th Australian Division 'Officer's Club', 2 March 1916;
Nominal roll containing officers available to command 4th Machine Gun Company, 2 March 1916 [Draft];
Table displaying the program of training for Lewis Guns, 3 March 1916;
Note on 3rd Ambulance in Division 4, 4 March 1916;
Note on thoughts of Lieutenant Colonel Rosenthal. Reverse contains partial notes on Lewis Guns, 4 March 1916;
Message from Lieutenant Colonel Elliott to HQ, 4th Infantry Brigade, 4 March 1916;
Message from Lieutenant Colonel Glasgow to G.O.C., 4th Australian Infantry Brigade, 4 March 1916;
Letter from Brigadier General commanding 4th Australian Infantry Brigade to Staff Paymaster, AIF, 7 March 1916;
Intelligence Report No. 482, 7 March 1916;
Intelligence summary on situation in Turkey, condition of the Serbian army, and Russian advance in the Caucasus, 8 March 1916;
Table for tentage return regarding the 4th Australian Infantry Brigade, 8 March 1916;
Card with time and location of a service for Jewish soldiers, reverse addressed to Monash, [date unknown];
Message from Monash to HQ, ATF with tabulation of troops by unit and rank for the 4th Australian Infantry Brigade, 10 March 1916;
Instructions on Bayonet Practice, 11 March 1916;
Message from the President, Brigade Sports Committee to G.O.C. 4th Brigade, 12 March 1916;
List of 4th Infantry Brigade tentage return, 14 March 1916 [ Draft];
Graphs displaying total strength of the Brigade, 14 March 1916;
Detailed diagrams showing plan of 30x Rifle Range, [date unknown];
Diagram showing height of firing point, [date unknown];
Sketched diagrams for proposed 30 yards range for rifle, depicting trench lines, 15 March 1916;
Message from Monash to C.Os, 4th Infantry Brigade, requests that personnel transferring to artillery are to parade at Brigade HQ, 15 March 1916;
Message from Monash to C.Os, 4th Infantry Brigade, 15 March 1916;
Letter from Monash to Officer Commanding, Australian Records Section, 3rd Echelon, 15 March 1916;
Table displaying daily state of 4th Australian Infantry Brigade, lists numbers of officers, W.Os., Sgts, others and total for each battalion, 16 March 1916;
Notes from Lecture on Grenade Training given by Lieutenant Colonel Duncan, 16 March 1916;
Message of congratulations from Monash to Brigadier General Brudenell White, 17 March 1916;
Message of congratulations from Monash to Lieutenant General Godley, 17 March 1916;
Newspaper clipping from the Egyptian Mail titled 'Evacuation of Gallipoli', 17 March 1916;
Message from Monash to Staff Paymaster, AIF, 18 March 1916;
Handwritten receipt for 185 P.T, 19 March 1916;
Letter from the Commissioner of the Australian Comforts Fund, Mr. Henry E. Budden to Monash, 20 March 1916;
Score card for Brigade Sports: Competition for best platoon, 20 March 1916;
Document titled 'Hints on Training' issued by Australian Provisional Formations, 22 March 1916;
Instruction sheet titled: 'Useful Hints for Machine Gunners on Active Service'. Produced by General HQ, MEF, 22 March 1916;
Table with scores for the Platoon Competition, 23 March 1916;
Program of events for the Brigade Sports Meeting, includes grenade throwing, 'Siamese race', 'Fugitive Race', and a Donkey Race, 23 March 1916;
Telegram from Monash to his family, 25 March 1916;
Message from Monash to Captain McLeod, 25 March 1916;
Handwritten receipt for 1 pair of breeches, for 200 P.T, 26 March 1916;
Troops enrolled at Schools of Instructions for 4th Australian Infantry Brigade, 30 March 1916;
List of commanding officers for each brigade (1st to 15th), April 1916;
Daily State of the 4th Infantry Brigade for the month of April. Lists Battalion, Officers, W.O.s, Sergeants, Others and Total, 1 April to 29 April 1916.