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22 June - 22 July 2018

The French countryside has been brought to virtual life in stunning 3D at the Australian War Memorial for the centenary of the Battle of Hamel on 4 July 2018. Using immersive virtual reality technology audiences will experience the story of this key action alongside the Australian and American soldiers who fought there.

The Battle of Hamel VR Experience is a 10-minute interactive digital experience. Audiences view the VR experience in the Memorial’s BAE Systems Theatre wearing a VR headset and headphones, to fully immerse them in the countryside at Le Hamel in 1918. Tanks, aircraft and the battlefield will be presented in a combination of 3D and 360 degree video. Audiences  hear how Sir John Monash meticulously planned the battle before they choose to continue from the perspective of an airman, infantry or tank crewman. 

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You can experience the Battle of Hamel in VR at the Australian War Memorial from 22 June to 22 July. Select a date on the calendar below to see the available session times and book your ticket online.

Terms of use (including health and safety notice)

Read the VR experience terms of use (including health and safety notice) before you book your ticket. The Australian War Memorial does not recommend the VR experience for children under the age of 13 years. The VR experience contains descriptions of war and stylised battle scenes which may adversely impact some visitors. Please decide whether this content is suitable for you before booking your ticket.

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Which role will you choose?

Interactive virtual reality technology allows you to choose how you view the Battle of Hamel VR Experience. 

Hamel VR - which role will you choose

Experience the story of this key action from the perspective of a soldier, pilot or tank crewman. 



Monash orders the artillery to fire smoke shells, fooling the Germans who assumed it was gas, and giving the Australians and Americans a strong advantage.

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To ensure the Germans remain completely unaware of the 50 tanks and thousands of troops arriving at the battlefield, Monash orders aircraft to continually fly around and drown out the noise.

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Tank crew


In 1918, tanks are a new technology with a bad reputation amongst the Australian forces.

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Collection items featured in the Battle of Hamel VR Experience

Discover the items from the Memorial's Collection that feature in the Battle of Hamel VR Experience.

About the Battle of Hamel

The Battle of Hamel was fought on 4 July 1918 in Le Hamel, France. It was the first time Australian and American soldiers fought side-by-side. Learn more on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Hamel webpage.

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The Battle of Hamel VR Experience was created with support from Boeing Australia