Featured collection items from the Battle of Hamel VR Experience

Discover the items in the Memorial's Collection that feature in the Battle of Hamel VR Experience. Click on an item below to learn more about it.

Mk IV Female Tank


Mark IV Female Tank GRIT RELAWM05040.001

Dawn at Hamel, 4 July 1918


Dawn at Hamel ART03590

Ammunition parachute used at Vaire Wood

Parachute RELAWM11629

The Somme Valley near Corbie


Somme Valley near Corbie https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C173867

Tank crewmans protective chain-mail face mask

Tank mask REL23774

Roll of jumping-off tape

Jumping off tape RELAWM00802

Lewis Mk 1 Machine Gun


Lewis gun https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C236327

The Australian barrage on enemy territory at Hamel

The Australian barrage on enemy territory to assist the attack on Hamel

Enemy strong posts at Pear Trench

Enemy strong posts along the sunken road captured by the Australian troops during the fighting for Pear Trench

The following items from the Memorial’s Collection feature in the Battle of Hamel VR Experience or inspired its development.

A01109 E01852 E02908
A02503 E01854 E02964
A02697 E01856 E02987
A03281 E01921 E03138
A03316 E01956 E03142
A03406 E02035 E03384
A05534 E02088 E03388
B00237 E02089 E03397
B01450 E02132 E03478
B01492 E02259 E03840
B01518 E02295 E03843
B01619 E02296 E03844
C01380 E02305 E03845
C01550 E02350 E03901
D00539 E02391 E03912
D00831 E02527 E04623
DA08644 E02531 E04702
DA11320 E02602 E04750
DA12974 E02617 E04813
DA13186 E02618 E04850
DA13339 E02619 E04871A
DA13722 E02620 E04871B
DA14098 E02623 E04871P
DA14414 E02628 E04888
DA14805 E02629 E04892
DA15519 E02630 E04910
DA15584 E02631 E05252
DA15839 E02632 E05492
DA15939 E02633 F00018
DA16150 E02634 F00031
DA16319 E02635 F00035
DA16423 E02636 F00045
DA16445 E02637 F00056
DA16460 E02638A F00169
DA17580 E02638B F03728
DA18150 E02638P H02088
DAAV00011 E02640A H02294A
DASEY1199 E02640B H03357
DASEY1509 E02640P H11563
DASEY1671 E02664 H11574
DAX2081 E02665 H11575
E00214 E02666 H12333
E00227 E02667 H12400
E00431 E02668 H13025
E00433 E02669 H13220
E00454 E02670 H13222
E00455 E02671 H13304
E00456 E02675 H13321
E00457 E02679 H13371
E00700 E02682 H13398
E00711 E02684 H13440
E00713 E02690 H16140
E00746 E02691 H16146
E00766 E02693 H16664
E00774 E02694 H18132
E00780 E02696 H18404
E00803 E02704 H18521
E00824 E02705 J00320
E00825 E02708 J00325
E00832 E02709 J00327
E00833 E02710 J03060A
E00839 E02713 P00162.016
E00842 E02715 P01016.004
E00862 E02716 P02916.001
E00945 E02728 P02939.030
E00985 E02731 P02939.031
E01053 E02732 P03668.003
E01112 E02736 P05058.015
E01127 E02833A P08858.006
E01159 E02833B P10140.008
E01159A E02833C P10904.005
E01159P E02833D P11305.026
E01160 E02833P PB0518
E01160A E02834 PS1494
E01180 E02839 PS1659
E01182 E02844A  
E01197 E02844B  
E01220 E02844P  
E01421 E02864  
E01712 E02884