Journal of the Australian War Memorial
Issue 30 - April 1997

No 30 - April 1997

Australia-Japan Research Project: Papers from the symposium on research sources for the
Australia-Japan relationship in war, 1901-1957 :

Morris Low

Australia and the post-war occupation of Japan
Jeffrey Grey

Historical materials on the Japanese Army that relate to Australia in the Second World War
Hara Takeshi

Sources on Australian investigations into Japanese war crimes in the Pacific
David Sissons

The Japanese Navy's operations against Australia in the Second World War, with a commentary on Japanese sources
Tanaka Hiromi

Changing Japanese views of the allied occupation of Japan and the war crimes trials
Utsumi Aiko

Document :

H.W. Allen's 'Xenophon's Greek Diggers'
Edited by Carl Bridge and Iain Spence

Book reviews