• Specimen page from the list, Japanese war criminals charged under the War Crimes Act 1945 by Australian Military Authorities 30 Nov 1945 to Apr 1951 against whom findings and sentences were confirmed.
    [Copies held at the Australian Archives at Canberra (A1838, 3013/10/13/2, Annex) and Melbourne (MP927, A336/1/29) and at the Australian War Memorial (AWM226, 14)]


    127 KIKAWA, Haruo (1) Murder at TOBERA, N. BRITAIN about Aug 45 of three natives.
    Guilty Death by hanging RABAUL 10 Jan 46
    (2) Murder at TOBERA, N. BRITAIN about Aug 45 of two natives Guilty

    128 HOSHIJIMA, Susumu Ill-treatment of PW at SANDAKAN B.N.B Death by hanging LABUAN 20 Jan 46
    (1) Authorised and permitted close confinement and cruel beatings of PW whereby certain PW died. Guilty
    (2) Authorised and permitted torture and cruel beatings by soldiers under his command Guilty
    (3) Failed to provide proper medical care and food for PW Guilty
    (4) Authorised and permitted sick and underfed PW to be employed on heavy manual labour Guilty

    129 BABA, Hidetoshi Murder at TOMOHON, CELEBES about Jul-Aug 45 of RAAF PW Not Guilty

    130 SOMA, Takesaburo Murder at KAKASKASEN, N. CELEBES of three RAAF PW about 5 Mar 45 Guilty 6 years MOROTAI 1 Feb 46
    131 ICHIHASHI, Shigeo As Above Guilty 6 years As Above
    132 SASAKURA, Rinji As Above Guilty 3 years As Above

    133 MORIMOTO, Kiyomitsu Murder at KAATEN, CELEBES about Aug 45 of two RAAF PW Guilty Death by Shooting MOROTAI 5 Feb 46

    134 MAEHATA, Chikara Torturing a civilian at RALABANG, N. BRITAIN about Mar 43 Not Guilty

    135 MORAKAMI, Hiroshi Ill treating a PW member of RAAF at KAOE, HALMAHERA Is. in Jan 45 Not Guilty

    136 FURUKAWA, Toizo Torturing a civilian about Nov 43 to Jan 44. (N. BRITAIN) Guilty 15 years RABAUL 23 Jan 46