Image and footage requests

Members of the media can gain access to images and footage which are in the public domain through the Memorial’s collection or Flickr page. These images are low-resolution, water-marked and available to download and use free of charge.  

The Memorial asks that all images and footage are credited to the Australian War Memorial along with the relevant ID number. Please read our conditions of use for full details.

Media requiring high-resolution material can order up to six images and 30 seconds of archival material per news story. Media will need to search the Memorial’s online collection via collections search.
Once a selection is made, media must email to with the below information in order for the request to be processed. Orders can take up to 10 working days to process.

Image request information:

  • ID number, including time codes for film/sound footage
  • Journalist’s name  
  • Summary of news story
  • Anticipated aired/published date
  • Deadline
  • Media agency.

Alternatively, media can utilise the Memorial’s online media portal to view and download pre-selected images and film footage (if applicable). To do this, a log-in to the media portal is required. Media can email to request a username and password. If a log-in already exists, users can gain access to the media portal through the user menu on the top right hand side of the screen, accepting the conditions of use.

Please note: Archival material available through the media portal is limited to what is provided in the Memorial’s media kits. Media portal access does not allow full access to the Memorial’s online collection of images.  

Media can also visit the Memorial’s Flickr Commons page where selected images are available for use in editorial, news and review. These are also free of charge (conditions of use including water-marking will still apply).  

Media requiring any additional images or footage will need to view the Memorial’s collection via collections search. Once a selection is made, media should send the ID number (and time codes for film/sound footage) to so that the order can be processed. There may be fees associated for material not sourced from the Memorial's media portal.

All other groups, organisations, and individuals seeking high resolution images and footage should send their request to Alternately, users who are not news media need to submit a request for high-resolution images and footage to Please note: fees and charges apply.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the lead up to key events, the Memorial will apply a cut-off date for high resolution image requests. Cut-off dates will be advised through this page and through media messaging.


Register for media downloads

Media downloads is a password protected area of the website in which users can download pre-selected high resolution images.

Login using the User menu on the top right hand side of your screen, or contact to request a username and password.